Pay up or get locked up: Judge presses Rudy Giuliani to pay $235K to ex

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Pay up or get locked up: Judge presses Rudy Giuliani to pay $235K to ex

Rudy Giuliani blew off a Manhattan court hearing Friday where a judge said the former New York City mayor would be tossed behind bars if he doesn’t fork over $225,000 plus lawyer fees to his ex-wife by early next month.

The ultimatum came at a hearing in the divorce case between Giuliani, 78, and former wife Judith Giuliani — who claimed in a lawsuit he’s fallen behind on payments totaling $262,000 owed under terms of their 2019 divorce settlement.

“If the amount is not paid by that date, I’m going to be forced — unfortunately because it’s not something I want to do — I’m going to be forced to remand the defendant into custody,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz said at the hearing where Giuliani was a no-show.

“There is no dispute that the judgment has not been complied with because the defendant admitted last time that he owes money,” Katz said. “He clearly has failed to meet his obligations.”

The judge said since Giuliani did not appear in court or file evidence disputing Judith’s claim, he’d grant her request for a default judgment against Giuliani for $225,442 plus another $10,000 for attorney fees.

Giuliani admitted at the last hearing earlier this month he owed money to Judith, 67, but said the amount she claims is a “gross exaggeration,” and that he planned to turn over proof he’s on the hook for a lot less. Friday’s hearing was supposed to be oral arguments on the remaining amount after he paid her $45,000.

“The defendant has chosen not to submit any proof to this court,” Katz said. “Unfortunately, I’m constrained to find him in contempt.”

“For 20 years Ms. Giuliani was a loving, devoted and supporting wife of Mr. Giuliani,” Judith’s lawyer Dror Bikel told The Post afterward. “They resolved the divorce proceeding in part to prevent further embarrassment.”

Bikel said it’s “outrageous” for Giuliani to “not meet his legal obligations” especially considering he’s a former federal prosecutor.

“For him to snub his nose at the court and not bother showing up and appearing in court — God forbid somebody would do that to him when he was US attorney.”

Bikel said they’re grateful to the judge for granting a contempt order that would put Giuliani in jail if he doesn’t pay.

Giuliani didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

Judith filed for divorce in 2018 after a 15-year marriage. The pair had a contentious court battle over their estimated $30 million fortune.

Since then, Giuliani has faced a slew of legal issues, including being sued by the art appraisal firm he used during the divorce, which claimed he owed it at least $15,000. That suit was withdrawn, with a lawyer for the company saying Giuliani never responded to the case.

Giuliani’s law license has also been suspended in New York and in Washington, DC, while he faces election-related ethics charges. He’s also been sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion over his claims that the company rigged the 2020 presidential election.


For him to not meet his legal obligations to Ms. Giuliani after all they’ve been through is simply outrageous. For him to snub his nose at the court and not bother showing up and appearing in court, God forbid somebody would do that to him, a defendant would do that to him when he was a U.S. Attorney. We would like to express our gratitude to Judge Katz for doing the right thing, for taking the time to read the application in detail and for issuing an order requiring that the amount owed is purged or Mr. Giuliani will be incarcerated.