Bikel Rosenthal and Schanfield is a Tier One New York Divorce trial law firm and matrimonial legal practice.

Bikel Rosenthal and Schanfield focuses on high conflict divorce and custody matters for New Yorkers who anticipate or are amidst an unusually difficult marital split. Leading partners include best selling author Dror Bikel, who has been twice named New York Divorce Trial Lawyer of the Year, and Karen B. Rosenthal, an expert child custody attorney regularly recognized by New York Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Crain's New York Business magazine.

With New York offices in Manhattan and Westchester County, our team offers not only top level matrimonial legal expertise but also decades of trial experience in complex asset disputes, difficult valuations ranging from closely held business interests to private equity ownership shares, Byzantine high net worth income mosaics, and multi-jurisdiction child custody matters.

New York Divorce? Expect to Clash About
Finances and Your Rights as a Parent?

Our clients face complicated financial & child custody issues.

Our legal team gets ready for battle quickly. We work meticulously to prepare you for conflict and neutralize your spouse’s plans and strategies.

Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield is a first-tier Manhattan based divorce and matrimonial law firm that represents New York professionals, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and their spouses.

Why do New Yorkers select Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield?

  • 1Our Team is Comprised of Industry Recognized Divorce Trial Lawyers
  • 2We have Broad Experience in Complex Asset Valuation
  • 3Our Success with Handling Difficult Custody and Support Issues
  • 4Our Superior Preparation for Custody Evaluations by Forensic Psychologists
  • 5We Work With High Credibility Experts
  • 6We Have Deep Resources for Any Size Divorce and Custody Dispute

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NYC Divorce Lawyers with Expertise Handling Diverse and Complicated Asset Classes

A “typical” New York City divorce involves an apartment or house that constitutes the primary residence, savings, retirement assets, cars, mortgages, and other debt.

More complicated divorces may include:

  • Multiple Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Hedge Fund and Private Equity
  • Complex Partnerships
  • Cash-Based Businesses
  • Offshore Assets and Assets in Foreign Countries
  • Trusts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Art
  • Stock Options and Stock Units
  • Annuities
  • Defined Retirement Plans and Other Deferred Compensation
  • Professional Contracts and Endorsements

Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield valuation experts work to reduce the value of a business when the other spouse attempts to inflate its value. In other cases, when the opposing side tries to minimize its value we break through the corporate, tax, and partnership shields to determine the real value of the business.

Our forensic accountants are adept at locating undisclosed and hidden assets, determining actual expenses, and tracking money flows.

You can rely on our decades of front lines experience to organize and present complicated financial matters during both negotiations and trial.

Considering Divorce?

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Child Custody Problems?

Disputes over child custody are, understandably, the most
emotionally taxing aspects of a divorce.

Parents disagree over, for example:

  • Public School, Private School or Services Relating to Special Needs
  • Medical Diagnoses and Treatment Options
  • Caretaking Skills and Parenting Schedules

Every New York divorce is unique when it comes to child custody issues, so we retain the best experts, including medical and educational professionals, religious practice specialists when needed, and a robust roster of other professionals to maximize our outcomes.

We win the most favorable outcomes for our clients by extensive preparation for custody battles. This includes preparing clients thoroughly for forensic psychological evaluations by court appointed evaluators.

Our deep preparation and unsurpassed courtroom experience sets us apart, allowing us to negotiate our client’s preferences from a position of strength. We fight passionately on all issues related to child custody.

Already in a custody fight?

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Do You Have a High Visibility Career
or Social Position?

We focus on discretion and finesse.

New Yorkers engaged in high visibility occupations or who belong to well-known families require divorce lawyers who understand their risks to reputation and career, and the unique child custody issues that accompany wealth and visibility.

We work with:

  • Political Figures
  • Stage & Film Actors and Management
  • Television Personalities
  • Artists of Every Sort
  • C-Suite Executives
  • High Earning Financial Professionals
  • High Net-Worth Individuals and their Spouses
  • Foreign Nationals

New Yorkers engaged in high visibility occupations or who belong to well-known families require divorce lawyers who understand their risks to reputation and career, and the unique child custody issues that accompany wealth and visibility.

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Act Quickly to Preserve Your Parental,
Financial, and Other Rights

We understand that difficult and turbulent times can make quick action difficult and stressful.

However, your spouse’s legal team may very well be working against your interests. We can tell you what to expect while our meticulous preparation and laser focus on anticipating and countering your spouse’s strategies will give you immediate peace of mind.

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