Why Choose Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield

New York’s Bikel Rosenthal and Schanfield matrimonial lawyers focus exclusively on divorces, child custody, spousal and child support, and all related matters from prenuptial agreements to custody modifications. Matrimonial law is all we do and managing partner Dror Bikel has been practicing in this arena for three decades.

Our Different Approach – Our Custody and Divorce Lawyers are Trial Focused

Do you anticipate a dispute over finances or child custody in your New York divorce?

Your most advantageous approach is having an experienced New York trial lawyer (little known fact: most lawyers rarely, if ever, go to court – legitimate experienced trial attorneys are rare) at your side. Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield attorneys are recognized as among New York’s and the country’s best matrimonial trial attorneys.

With decades of actual courtroom experience helping clients protect their children, their assets, and their rights in divorce and custody cases we know the factors New York courts consider when issuing rulings and rendering decisions, as well as the variances by court and by judge.

This hard-earned knowledge is priceless when advising clients on their rights and responsibilities so they can make strategic and tactical decisions based on facts and our experience.

We prepare for trial starting day one when you retain us. Why?

We know that by taking a proactive and fully informed approach we are never caught off guard and are in a prime position to negotiate a strong and fair settlement because we are ready for trial on every issue and the opposing legal team knows it.

Trial Preparation - What to Expect from Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield

New York Family and Matrimonial law covers some of the most complex and difficult legal issues in the legal profession so we work tirelessly and meticulously.

For example, in New York Child Custody Cases we:

  • Work in tandem with our investigative team to acquire and review emails from and to all relevant parties, medical and school records, phone and relevant financial records - no detail is left undiscovered or ignored.
  • Identify, locate, and interview witnesses and experts to uncover all pertinent facts and provide support for each and every element of our client’s legal position.

In Financial Matters we:

  • Work with our team of financial experts and investigators to locate and analyze tax returns, bank records, securities and stock statements, retirement account information, as well as ledgers and others sorts of documents and undocumented income and holdings.
  • Where valuations (homes, family businesses, art, private equity assets…) are on the line, we have exceptional experts and expertise; and when international assets are involved, our legal and investigative team is relentless and adept at gathering accurate and often hard-to-get information.

Whatever matrimonial law topics are involved, and most divorces cover several at least, we gather the facts and develop themes for most effective and powerful presentation of our client’s rights and preferences should the case proceed to trial.

In the Courtroom – Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield Methodology and What to Expect

We present a simple, elegant, and lean case, discarding irrelevant facts that can clutter a trial and distract the judge. Every trial is carefully arranged and produced for maximum impact on the court.

We work closely and comprehensively with our clients to create a direct examination (presenting our side of the case through our witnesses) script that sets forth each relevant fact, organized into issue-specific chapters. Then, we rehearse the question and answer scripts with each witness extensively so that our presentations are carefully honed for maximum impact.

Through these questions and answers, the direct examination is our clients’ opportunity to tell their side of their story. We work with you to ensure you know what’s coming and are fully prepared and as comfortable as possible on the witness stand so your message will be clear and accurate.

Cross examination, asking questions of the other side’s witnesses, is our opportunity to illuminate the weaknesses of the opposing case while bolstering our own. As experienced New York trial lawyers we know how to expose and discredit untruthful witnesses and illicit the most favorable facts for our clients.

Our trials are based on fact, carefully vetted and seamlessly presented. When going to trial, our clients know exactly what to expect, and the outcome is not based on a hope and a dream, but on real facts – your best opportunity for an optimal outcome.

More Bikel Rosenthal and Schanfield Facts

We are strong and aggressive litigators when needed – diplomatic and wise negotiators when appropriate.

We have the resources and experience to address any matrimonial case, regardless of geographic reach or financial complexity.

We are cost conscious and customize our work to fit your financial situation. Our lawyers handle multifaceted high-conflict divorces and custody battles for high net worth people as well as simple dissolutions for New York professionals with limited assets and no children.

We listen to you – always.

We care about your children – as parents ourselves, we understand the emotional and financial aspects of raising them. Our lawyers will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and the children.

Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield lawyers are deeply involved in the community from non-profit support and service organization participation to sports and school initiatives with our children.

Every matrimonial case is unique. Call us to see if Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield is a fit for yours. All calls are confidential.

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