Who is Judith Giuliani? Rudy Giuliani's ex-wife claims he owes her $260K in divorce settlement

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Who is Judith Giuliani? Rudy Giuliani's ex-wife claims he owes her $260K in divorce settlement

Rudy Giuliani has landed in another big trouble and is being sued by his third ex-wife. As per new court papers filed on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Judith Giuliani, Giuliani's former wife has claimed that he owes her money from their divorce settlement.

Judith claimed that the former mayor and one-time personal attorney to former President Donald Trump is in contempt of court for ostensibly withholding $262,000 he should have paid her under the terms of their divorce settlement for things like their Palm Beach house in Florida, housekeeper, and private club fees. Judith accused Rudy Giuliani of owing her $140,000 for their South Lake Drive, Palm Beach, property alone in a signed deposition, Page Six reported.

As per the court documents, the opulent condo was listed for $3.3 million in 2019. It didn't sell, but according to the documents, Giuliani "is required to pay me $200,000 regardless of whether or not the property has been sold," and she claims he's only given her $60,000. She also claims that they are responsible for their own country club dues and accused Giuliani of failing to "pay his half of the annual club membership dues." Judith also claimed that she has been forced to bail him out for $70,000 in the meantime. In court papers, she said, "I had no choice but to pay his share of the dues... in order to remain in good standing with the clubs." She requested Rudy to pay her money back.

Rudy was also supposed to pay her up to $5,000 per month for help, such as an assistant or housekeeper. However, she claimed in the documents that Rudy "has made inconsistent and sporadic payments to me, including a $10,000 check in June 2021 that was returned due to insufficient funds" since last summer. The papers state that Rudy now owes her $45,000 in back pay for the assistance.

“He owns multiple properties in New York City and Palm Beach [and it seems] he has significant earnings from his media-related contracts and deals," Judith claimed. As per the filing, Judith is demanding Rudy to pay her “immediately” with interest.

Judith's lawyers claimed that Rudy is in contempt of court for allegedly failing to make the payment, and that he should be imprisoned if he doesn't corporate. The papers state, "Your failure to appear in court may result in immediate arrest or imprisonment for contempt of court."

Judith's attorney Dror Bikel told Page Six that the terms of the settlement were worked out informally between the former spouses before going before a judge to finalize them. “She reached out to him without the lawyers and they met privately … Judith wanted to do it on her own. She met with Rudy, he wrote the terms on a napkin,” he said adding, “The next day, they were in court settling.”

Who is Judith Giuliani?

Judith Giuliani is a former medical sales executive and a philanthropist who runs a firm called Changing Our World. Judith was born named Judi Ann Stish in Pennsylvania to an Italian father and Polish mother. In 1974, Judith married a medical salesman Jeffrey Ross. However, after four years of marriage, the couple divorced each other.

In 1979, Judith married Bruce Nathan, whom she had met during her separation from her first husband. The couple then adopted a daughter but in the 1990s got divorced. Judith met former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani in May 1999 at Club Macanudo, an Upper East Side cigar bar. Judith and Rudy became engaged in Paris in November 2002 and got married on May 24, 2003.

After 15 years of marriage, Judith filed for divorce from Giuliani in April 2018. The two engaged in a heated debate over their estimated $30 million fortune. Rudy was accused by Judith's lawyer at the time of working for free as Trump's lawyer in order to reduce his income and thus, her then-$42,000 monthly alimony payments. They reached an agreement in December 2019. The agreement's specifics were not made public at the time. Judith did acquire the couple's former Hamptons residence, which she recently sold for $5 million.

Rudy's career and reputation appear to have been in steep decline over the last few years. His law licence has been suspended in both New York and the District of Columbia, he is facing ethics charges from the DC bar for false election claims. Dominion Voting Systems, which provided voting machines for the 2020 election that he claims was rigged, has sued him for $1.3 billion.