Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Files Lawsuit Claiming He Hasn't Paid Her the $260K He Owes from Their Divorce

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Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Files Lawsuit Claiming He Hasn't Paid Her the $260K He Owes from Their Divorce

On Tuesday, newly filed court documents in the Supreme Court of the State of New York reveal that Judith Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani's ex-wife, is suing the former New York City mayor for failure to pay out the agreed terms of their divorce settlement.

Judith and Rudy, Trump's former personal attorney who has faced several lawsuits, split in 2018 after 15 years of marriage. The two were engaged in a "high-conflict divorce" over division of assets, Judith's lawyer, Dror Bikel, tells PEOPLE.

"Judith is doing great," her lawyer Dror Bikel says. "She's been in a relationship for three years," adding that the lawsuit "is not out of any sort of bad feeling other than he just needs to meet his obligations and what he agreed to do."

Bikel noted that Judith "has tried to resolve it" with Rudy outside of the courts prior to this motion.

The motion, obtained by PEOPLE, claims that Rudy exercised a "willful and deliberate" refusal to pay Judith for their previously agreed upon terms, including payment for their Palm Beach, Florida, home and club dues.

Judith has requested a total sum of $262,000 from Rudy, with the majority of the payment, $140,000, for their Palm Beach property. "This is owed," says Bikel.

The plaintiff writes that their annual club membership dues and expenses were to be split equally in accordance with their divorce settlement. "I had no choice but to pay his share of the dues during this time in order to remain in good standing with the clubs," she writes in the motion. To help there, Judith is requesting "$77,000, plus an additional amount to be determined for his individual charges."

Rudy is required to pay Judith "$5,000 a month for a housekeeper or an assistant for a period of five years," as stated in their divorce agreement. She has received "inconsistent and sporadic payments" and even had a "$10,000 check in June 2021 that was returned due to insufficient funds."

Bikel explains that clearing these payments will "leave resources available" including to "support her mom" and her nursing home fees. Rudy has shared an amicable relationship with his former mother-in-law who "has always adored him."

Judith's lawyers warned Rudy that "failure to appear in court may result in your immediate arrest and imprisonment for contempt of court." If Rudy doesn't pay the requested over a quarter of a million dollars, Judith's legal team will "seek all the remedies available under the law, which includes incarceration." Bikel notes that this is not something Judith desires.

Commenting on the irony of Rudy's position, Bikel says, "He is a guy who was responsible, for many years, when he was the head of the Southern District of New York for enforcing rules, but now he is breaking them."