New York's #1 Divorce Trial Lawyer Dror Bikel Hits #1 Best Seller w/Book: The 1% Divorce - Clash of Titans

New York's #1 Divorce Trial Lawyer Dror Bikel Hits #1 Best Seller w/Book: The 1% Divorce - Clash of Titans

Dror Bikel, Manhattan's Best Known divorce lawyer, adds Best Selling author to his bio as his latest book, The 1% Divorce – Clash of Titans (Sutton Hart Press) hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon in a remarkable five categories its first week on sale.

New York's #1 Divorce Trial Lawyer Dror Bikel's Hits #1 Bestseller with The 1% Divorce - Clash of Titans

In The 1% Divorce, trial attorney Dror Bikel takes us from New York City's most lavish penthouses to paparazzi filled courthouses across America to examine the divorce styles, celebrity follies, and tactics of the ultra-famous and super-rich as they clash over difficult child custody arrangements and complex high-value asset divisions.

Peopled by a Who's Who of high profile celebrities, low profile billionaires, well-known CEOs, and a fascinating cross-section of artists, politicians, professional athletes, and their soon-to-be-exes, Bikel's book delivers unique insights into celebrity splits and high-net-worth divorces, straight from the headlines.

Among the topics covered:

  • Art Community & Collector Splits and Valuations
  • Billionaire Couples Calling it Quits
  • The Conundrum Politicians Face in Divorce
  • Valuing & Maintaining Celebrity Brand Value
  • Geographically Diverse Parents with Custody Issues
  • Religious Practices, School Decisions & Special Needs
  • Prenupts for the Ultra Rich & Non-Moneyed Spouses
  • Abuse, Coercion, Fraud & Hidden Assets…

Kirkus Reviews – "An intelligent handbook to divorce for the abundantly rich that also contains useful information for the rest of us…looks at divorce….as a bitter contest between relentlessly competitive Type A personalities"

WNR News – "A fascinating guide straight from the man who's seen it all"

Armed with The 1% Divorce, readers have a playbook for the next bombshell celebrity breakup or uber-wealthy split, authored by the ultimate legal insider.

Available on Kindle, & Apple Books and hardcover on Amazon.