What do the Giuliani and the Matt Lauer divorce have in common? You’ll be able to read all about them in a book

One of the main questions people are asking right now is “Is Matt Lauer still married?”

Divorcing celebrities and eight-figure earners like Lauer is seldom quick and hassle-free. Proceedings in Hollywood splits have been known to take over a decade, and the sexual harassment allegations in this case make the matter even more complex.

Perhaps to avoid the negative media exposure, the TV anchor, who has lost his $25-million-dollar a year job at NBC, recently agreed to a $20 million settlement. Still, the answer to the question about his marital status is “yes, he is still married,” though the divorce is close to being finalized.

When Is The Matt Lauer Marriage Book Coming Out?

In the case of Rudy Giuliani, it is the ex herself is shopping around for publishers for her tell-all book. That appears to be beneath the former Victoria’s Secret model Annette Roque, as it is not in her plans to write about her marriage to Lauer, at least not yet. On the other hand, the woman responsible for exposing Lauer, whose name is not known, is reportedly planning to dish out all the salacious details of her rapport with the Today Show star.

Matt Lauer has three children with Roque, will probably suffer the most after the book comes out. Lauer should have thought better before drawing a female NBC staffer into an “improper sexual relationship,” starting in 2014, during the Sochi Olympics, according to the allegations.

The mysterious woman may have to reveal more about her identity if a book deal comes through. When the network fired Lauer, it said in a statement that it had “reason to believe [Lauer’s inappropriate sexual conduct] may not have been an isolated incident.” According to an Esquire exposé, Lauer’s track record of workplace sexual harassment goes back to the year 2000.

Matt Lauer’s Pattern of Inappropriate Behavior

It is likely that the former NBC producer, who single-handedly ended Lauer’s career at the network, will reference previous instances of misconduct by the TV anchor in her tell-all narrative. Esquire was able to track down Addie Zinone, once a young assistant at NBC, who received inappropriate messages from Lauer in 2000, including:

“I hope you won’t drag me to personnel for saying this...But you look fantastic,” and,  “OK...NOW YOU’RE KILLING ME...YOU LOOK GREAT TODAY! A BIT TOUGH TO CONCENTRATE.”

“I was like perfect prey,” Zinone told reporters. She and Lauer had a two-week long affair. Now a forty-something mother of two and a successful journalist, Zinone made many attempts to fend off Lauer’s advances, sees his inappropriate behavior for what it truly was. According to the Esquire investigation, there was a pattern of this type of misconduct by Lauer, which was largely tolerated at NBC.

Anne Roque’s Marriage to Matt Lauer, Divorce, and The Future

Meanwhile, Anne Roque may have known all along. As early as 2006, she filed for divorce but changed her mind a few weeks later. In 2014, she shopped around for a divorce attorney, but it was not until Lauer’s former colleague denounced him that she decided to end the marriage for good.

A successful model in her own right, Roque might have gone on to amass a considerable fortune in show business, but she prioritized family life with Matt Lauer and their children. Because Lauer made most of his fortune during the marriage, and because Anne put her own career aside to focus on the home, it is likely that the settlement amount will go up before the divorce is final. Roque will probably get the Hamptons house and, of course, significant child support.

Once known as “the hunk next door,” Lauer appears to have exploited his fame to prey on young female colleagues. Proof of his misbehavior is not in short supply. Soon after he was fired, a video of him telling a co-host that he enjoyed watching her “bend over,” was published online. Another Today Show host, Anne Curry, has referred to Lauer’s firing as “long overdue.” Curry said during an interview that this will continue to happen until the glass ceiling is broken.

According to media reports, Lauer is not thinking about a comeback, but rather, dealing with his guilt and trying to focus on the children.


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