8 Best Marriage Therapists in Nassau County

If you are unhappy in your marriage and considering divorce, the first call you should make is not to a divorce lawyer, but to a marriage therapist. A Nassau County marriage therapist can help you resolve the issues in your marriage and bring happiness back into your life.

How Marriage Therapy Can Help

Marriage therapy is designed to get you and your spouse back on track. A solid marriage requires commitment and work.

By applying both, a marriage therapist can help you and your spouse:

  • Be honest with each other
  • Create a new path forward
  • Feel happy and respected in your marriage
  • Find solutions to the problems you are facing
  • Learn to communicate your needs to each other
  • Rebuild trust
  • Rediscover joy in each other
  • Reduce arguments and fighting
  • Remember what you love about each other

Marriage therapy is not easy, but it may be the best investment you ever make. When you got married, divorce was not in your plans. It doesn’t have to be now either, though you may face significant challenges in your relationship. Marriage therapy can help you heal so that you can grow and love together into a long future.

Even if marriage therapy is unsuccessful, you will leave your marriage knowing your tried everything possible, which can bring peace of mind as you move forward with a divorce. Regardless of the outcome, marriage therapy will help you understand yourself and your spouse on a deeper level and improve communication skills to help build healthy relationships in the future.

Highest Rated Marriage Counselors in Nassau County

If you live in Nassau County and are considering getting a divorce, these highly ranked marriage counselors can help heal your marriage and potentially avoid divorce:

  1. Hal Brickman LCSW

    Alpha Psychotherapy of Long Island
    1129 Northern Blvd., Suite 404
    Manhasset, NY 11030
    (516) 439-4282
    [hidden email]

    Hal Brickman helps couples develop effective communication so they can work together to improve their marriages. He encourages both partners to reinvest in the marriage and put in the effort to make changes so that it can work.

  2. Meredith Silversmith, MA, LMFT

    Nassau Wellness
    243 Nassau Blvd S
    Garden City South, NY 11530
    (516) 387-5143
    [hidden email]

    Meredith Silversmith assists couples in dealing with chronic conflict, emotional affairs, infidelity, sexual issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and communication problems. She provides couples with the skills needed to move forward with a happy marriage.

  3. Lisa Lempel-Sander

    221 Hollywood Ave
    Douglaston, NY 11363

    Lisa Lempel-Sander helps couples learn how to fight in a healthy way so they can resolve conflict without destroying their marriage. She is experienced in dealing with couples with repeating conflict and helps them break through barriers to find the connection that brought them together.

  4. Mellisa A. Jewells MA, LMFT

    1 Pembroke Dr.
    Massapequa, NY 11758
    (631) 692-9689

    Mellisa A. Jewells assists couples dealing with money problems, communication issues, anxiety and depression, intimacy issues, addiction, and trust problems. Through working with her, couples learn to trust and respect each other and rebuild the foundation of their marriage.

  5. David J. Mark MS, LCSW, EdD

    Long Island Couples Institute
    499 Chestnut St #107
    Cedarhurst, NY 11516
    (516) 241-1177

    David J. Mark is a certified Gottman therapist and helps couples reestablish a friendship, so they have a strong bond as the root of their marriage. He helps couples learn to effectively manage conflict and work together to achieve their future goals.

  6. Marc J. Shulman PsyD

    721 Franklin Ave
    Garden City, NY 11530
    (516) 732-0273

    Marc J. Shulman focuses on guiding couples to rebuild the bonds of love and trust that may have receded during marital problems. Establishing effective communication and discovering comfort in each other forms the basis of his treatment plan.

  7. Chana Pfeifer LCSW

    422 Berrywood Ct
    West Hempstead, NY 11552
    (516) 592-1107

    Chana Pfeifer helps couples find ways to talk about the things that are causing difficulty in marriage and discover solutions for them once they are out in the open. She helps couples move past being stuck and into a healthy future.

  8. Dr. Naomi Bernstein

    1 Sunset Ave
    Lynbrook, NY 11563
    (516) 359-3401

    Naomi Bernstein assists couples in discovering the underlying reasons for conflict and unhealthy patterns of communication and repairing those areas. She helps couples to stop hurting and blaming each other while rediscovering healthy vulnerability that leads to a strengthened bond.

Each relationship is unique with its own needs. This is a list of highly ranked marriage counselors in Nassau County. You and your spouse should research marriage counselors and set up interviews with several. Choose a person you both feel comfortable with and who seems to understand your issues and needs. Marriage counseling may provide the tools you need to improve your marriage to avoid divorce court.


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