9 Top Marriage and Family Therapists in Westchester County

If your marriage has reached a breaking point, you may think divorce is your best option. Instead of walking away from your marriage, you may be able to save it by working with a marriage and family therapist in Westchester County. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your marriage. It is worth giving it a little more before ending it.

How Marriage and Family Therapy Can Help

Marriage and family therapists are trained to help couples resolve challenging and painful issues in marriage.

By working with a therapist, you may be able to:

  • Stop arguing as much
  • Resolve infidelity or emotional cheating
  • Rediscover intimacy with each other
  • Rebuild trust in each other
  • Realign your expectations
  • Improve communication with your spouse
  • Heal wounds that have caused problems
  • Feel supported and loved
  • Create a way to move forward together

Marriage and family therapy offers a clear pathway forward with the help of a supportive and experienced therapist who can help navigate the challenges you face. Many couples can happily move forward with their relationships with the help of a skilled therapist. If you believe your marriage is over, it is worth making one last effort to try to save it before ending it.

If marriage and family therapy cannot help repair your marriage, you will still benefit from it. The process can improve your parenting skills, help you understand yourself, provide you with improved communication skills, and position you to be healthy and open to new relationships.

Best Marriage and Family Therapists in Westchester County

If you live in Westchester County and are considering divorce, contact a top-ranked marriage and family therapist first.

  1. Daniel S. Sokal LCSW, ABD

    777 Westchester Ave #101
    White Plains, NY 10604
    (917) 327-0425

    Daniel S. Sokal works with couples to help reestablish trust and find hope. He can help with infidelity, parenting disputes, creating effective communication, abuse, and other common marital issues.

  2. Angela Penichet LCSW

    1 Croton Point Ave
    Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520
    (914) 874-6852

    Angela Penichet helps couples rediscover the joy in their relationship by creating open communication and deep trust. She can help with addiction, loneliness in a relationship, parenting problems, repeat conflicts, and more.

  3. Terence O’Gara LCSW

    1600 Harrison Ave, Ste G104-3
    Mamaroneck, NY 10543
    (914) 810-3755

    Terence O’Gara assists couples in handling issues involving money, in-laws, lack of intimacy, parenting disagreements, and ongoing conflict. He has experience in a wide variety of areas including codependency, sexual addiction, anger, low self-esteem, and trauma.

  4. Linda Darin MSW

    Darin Transformations
    1301 Mamaroneck Ave
    White Plains, NY 10605
    (914) 500-3712

    Linda Darin provides spiritual and holistic healing for couples facing difficult times in their marriages. She helps couples reflect on what has brought them pain and assists them in rebuilding a healthy relationship using unique methods and approaches.

  5. Dr. Elanna Lazaruk, PsyD

    Ardsley, NY 10502
    (914) 500-8448

    Elanna Lazaruk is licensed in both New York and California and can work virtually with clients. She guides couples through transforming their marriage using psychodynamic therapy, relational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and crisis intervention.

  6. Lenore Powers LCSW

    455 Central Park Ave, Suite 206
    Scarsdale, NY 10583
    (914) 309-0933

    Lenore Powers provides strategies and resources to help clients learn practical coping skills that enable them to resolve conflict and problems in their marriages. With her guidance, clients discover renewed confidence in each and in their marriages.

  7. Amy Wohl LMSW

    2002 Rt 17M, Ste 3 Inner Venture
    Goshen, NY 10960
    (845) 418-4282

    Amy Wohl assists clients in feeling safe and loved in their relationships by improving communication and rebuilding trust. She helps couples establish healthy boundaries and strengthen their marriage bonds. Her skilled assistance helps couples find new ways to talk to each other.

  8. Joseph Lanzone LCSWR

    20 N Broadway, Ste 4
    Nyack, NY 10960
    (845) 474-2081

    Joseph Lanzone relies on state-of-the-art couples therapy modalities to assist couples in rebuilding their marriage and reestablishing trust and communication. He also works with couples who cannot remain together and helps them part peacefully.

  9. Dr. Emily Bly PhD

    Pleasantville Psychology Group
    448-450 Manville Road Pleasantville, NY 10570
    (347) 560-4628

    Emily Bly works with couples of all backgrounds and has experience with infertility, life changes, anxiety, and depression. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help couples obtain tangible goals for their marriage.

If you are considering divorce in Westchester County, consider marriage and family therapy as an option before you file for divorce. The marriage and family therapists on this list are highly rated, but you and your spouse should research and interview therapists before selecting a professional to assist you with marriage therapy. Each couple has individual needs and concerns, and it is important to find a therapist you both trust and feel confident in. Marriage and family therapy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


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